Thailand (Part One)

A highlight for me so far here in Thailand was our visit in this cool contraption to a local village, stopping at several homes, and learning about how the people live. Such a beautiful country and beautiful people! 

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Any Occasion

We found a really cool flashlight for our sons-in-law for Father’s Day, so I wanted a card that would coordinate with the gift, and this was perfect for the occasion! Actually, change the sentiment, and it works for just about anyone and any occasion. Since Sara’s encouraging everyone to #MakeACardSendACard, feel free to copy…as always!

Personalized Gift Wrap

Ashton turned twelve at Lake Powell—a longtime tradition for him. Instead of wrapping his parents’ gift in traditional wrap, his gift wrap was personalized with hand drawn lettering and drawings by family vacationing at the lake. Since Ashton likes all things camouflage and enjoys shooting targets with his bow and arrow, our gift packaging was personalized too—with stamps and ink!

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May is Arthritis Awareness Month in the United States, but no matter where you live, you probably know someone with arthritis. It’s like any disease with good days and bad days. Although there are lots of things to make life easier and less painful for people with arthritis, I wanted to share a few tools I appreciate on the not-so-good days.

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Wonderful Women

This Mother’s Day we’re honoring our mothers who have passed on by giving our girls two gifts to remember them by (along with a random cute book about moms)—all tucked in a gift bag with this beautiful card attached.

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Congratulations to Ruth

Ruth Snyder will be visiting Utah later this month to celebrate her Million Milestone, but honoring her and her accomplishment began when she achieved her milestone and received this beautiful card showcasing some of her favorite things.

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