Berlin Candy Bomber

When our time was spent, after he had told us several stories of his life, he insisted on gathering the kids and giving them some last-minute valuable advice. He taught about integrity and keeping our standards high. He talked of gratitude and attitude. With tears in his eyes, he also shared his feelings about one of his mottos service before self as he referenced Jesus Christ’s example that he has tried to follow throughout his life. It was an especially inspiring experience being with such a gracious (and spunky for being 98!) gentleman who has touched the hearts of millions with his service and kindness.  

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OnStage November 2017

I had been counting down the weeks and days before OnStage, so I was almost giddy when everything began! It was great to work with our awesome employees and production staff. And seeing (and hugging) so many demonstrators did my heart good!The presentations throughout the event were wonderful, Centre Stage was fabulous (and funny!), and I especially loved stamping with Sara during the last session!

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Halloween 2017

We decided to give a fun family treat this year for Halloween…a movie theatre gift card and a little candy, of course. This was the packaging with an over-the-top tag. This post also shows dozens of family and employee costumes.

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My Life Back

I finally feel like I have my life back! Although there were many times I wanted to quit during the last six weeks, Friday was our last day, and I am now a certified hatha yoga teacher! Yay! I don’t plan to teach very often, but I learned a lot and appreciate better why my body loves this 26-2 hot yoga (also called the Bikram method).

There were five full-time facilitators, and we had dozens of guest teachers come and go during the training, each bringing something unique to the program. I’m grateful for all of the instructors and the 24 students, who were amazingly encouraging during this intense experience, and I made new friends close to home and from around the world.

I paid for Joanne’s training before we built our studio, and she paid for mine, so it was a full-circle moment at graduation. Joanne loves what she does and is a bright light for all! She was enthusiastically supportive of all of us, especially the locals before and during training, and she’s already scheduled us to teach our first class.

After sleeping twelve hours Friday night and ten hours last night, I’m still pretty mellow today. I’m happy I did the training, and I’m happy it’s over!

Anything but Ordinary

Sidney loves doing hair and always has! In fact, she just graduated from Taylor Andrews Academy…woohoo! I’m so glad she’s working at Brick Canvas until she leaves for her mission in December. While this isn’t your ordinary packaging, it is creative, and it reminded me of Sidney’s school’s recent hair show where the hair and costumes were anything but ordinary! 

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Camping in Style

With Nate’s recent church calling as a member of his ward bishopric, his schedule has gotten busier, but one thing he always makes time for is camping with his family. The Whites’ mode of camping doesn’t look like this birthday packaging, but this cool three-dimensional trailer represents one of their favorite things, and I hope Nate smiled when he saw it. 

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No Longer a Teenager

Tanner’s been on his mission in the Portland, Oregon area for over a year now. We miss him! One of the things I admire most in Tanner is his writing ability and how faithful he’s been about writing home once a week. His letters are detailed, creative, and always include a challenge for his readers. It’s hard to believe he’s no longer a teenager. Where does the time go?

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Sweet Stella

Stella’s really into the doll Baby Alive. She waited weeks after her birthday to finally find the one she wanted! Sweet Stella's favorite colors are purples and black, so this was her birthday packaging. 

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