Oh, Happy Day!

I haven’t shared an update on my dad for almost a week, but I’m thrilled to do it today! We got a call from the hospital this morning, and I got my birthday wish—Dad is no longer intubated. Sterling and I went and visited him tonight. Truly I had to keep from laughing at some of the things he was saying, but it was so good to see him without the hand restraints and that nasty tube in his mouth. He was a breath of fresh air for me!

Just to make you smile, I’ll share some of the things we talked about:

Dad wanted to know where the Ritchie Brothers sales brochure was so he could decide what to buy at the auction.

He wanted to stop the nurse and find out what the plan was for dinner. He was tired of buying all the dinners and wanted a free one!

At one point in the day, he was distraught because of the fire in the hospital.

He mentioned he didn’t get much sleep last night because he was sleeping in the street.

Basically, some of what he talked about made complete sense, but most of his conversations were hysterical and totally crazy! I’m pretty sure the doctor’s orders to lessen his medication is a good thing (smile).

The grafting on Dad’s hands looks excellent, and the staples will be removed during the next dressing change. We found out earlier this week that all of Dad’s fingertips (just below the nail) on his right hand will need to be removed (the word amputated seems too harsh) and at least two of the fingertips on his left hand will also need to be removed. They aren’t sure about the other fingers yet. The doctor is going to operate sometime next week in order to let the grafting really take hold and give those fingers every chance to show new growth.

When Dad learned about his fingertips, he just said that he was 66 years old and didn’t need all those fingers anyway. Maybe that was the drugs talking, but since Dad is the most positive person I know, I think he’ll probably handle things pretty well.

Thanks for your continued prayers and well wishes. I appreciate it more than you may know!