Dad and Edmonton

We just wrapped up the Edmonton regional, and it was a great day.

After I got back to my hotel room, I made two phone calls before writing this--one to my sweetheart (he's always the first person I call) and one to my dad. I called Dad's wife, Justine, first, but she didn't answer, so then I called my dad's cell phone, thinking she might have that. I was completely surprised when Dad answered the phone!

You have to know that not having a phone in his hands has been so hard for Dad; he lives with a phone to his ear. As a child, I remember he was always on the phone talking to his customers; that's how he ran his business. So the invention of the cell phone was a wonderful thing for him, and he has never been without one--until this past month. You could tell he was pretty happy to have it back in his hands. I'll update you more about him tomorrow, but I did just want to mention that exciting milestone.

As always, I loved visiting Edmonton--because of the people, of course. I'm sure the city is great, but I've never really explored it. And on my previous visits, it's been pretty cold and windy--and you know how much I like being warm! This time was actually a bit warmer, which was nice. I didn't spend much time outside, but I glimpsed daylight a few times out the window.

Our demonstrators more than made up for the fact I couldn't be outside though. They are always warm and welcoming. We had a lot of first-timers, which was fun. They were curious and excited about everything we were doing, and I felt their enthusiasm. And those who were coming back are always so supportive and appreciative as well!

The project I showed was another Halloween treat; I'm making one for each of our grandchildren. I think they'll love waving the banner around, and the fact that there's a little candy attached only makes it even more fun.

You're probably wondering where the photo is, right? Well, I carefully packed my camera because I knew I'd want to share the project with you. However, I wasn't so careful to pack the cords that connect the camera to the computer. So the project will also be posted tomorrow after I get home.

I guess we can call this part one of a two-part posting on Dad and Edmonton. Check back tomorrow for more!