A Utah Fall

I hope you like the new web design; I thought it was fitting for this time of year. I love fall; it’s one of my favorite times of year! It would probably be my favorite season, but it never lasts long enough and I know what’s coming as soon as fall is over—winter. And winter is NOT my favorite season, so that kind of puts a damper on my feelings for fall. (smile)

One of the reasons I love fall is the changing of the colors, and Utah is known for its fabulous fall colors. Almost every year we head up the canyon (only a 10-minute drive from our house) to enjoy all the colorful leaves, and this year was no different. Sterling and I actually went up the canyon on Sunday, and it was so breathtaking, we knew we had to invite the kids to go with us. So yesterday we took everyone in the family who is close enough to come, and we had a family Dutch Oven dinner, surrounded by Mother Nature’s own creative decorating.

It was a wonderful evening, and the colors were incredible. It was a little colder than we thought it would be—it probably dropped 15 or 20 degrees in the short drive from the house to the secluded little campground we selected. While Sterling cooked up his normal delicious Dutch Oven treat, the boys hiked the trails, I snuggled with Phoebe, Grandpa tried to keep warm, and we made a fun family memory.

A few highlights (although every minute was great!)—three-year-old Ashton dragged the kids’ chairs over to the picnic table bench, saying that could be “their table” (I thought that was adorable); Sterling, Jon, Jason, and Shalae tried to break up a large log into firewood by parking the truck on it and jumping up and down on the bumper, while Ashton looked on, as if wondering how many Gardners it takes to cut firewood with a truck (I thought that was hilarious); and the chance to take several family photos that will help us remember Fall 2008.