Heading Home from San Antonio

Well, I'm heading back to Utah tomorrow, after a wonderful regional seminar experience in San Antonio. San Antonio is one of my favorite places to visit, partly because it's almost always warm, partly because the river walk is so beautiful, and partly (mostly) because the people are so wonderful.

And this weekend was no exception. I left colder weather in Utah for beautiful weather in Texas, and the demonstrators were fabulous! They were so warm and friendly; they made us feel right at home. Our regionals went well, and-as always-I loved meeting with the demonstrators.

As promised last week, here's the project I showed--a fun little Halloween game.


These are is based on those hand-held toys we played when we were younger where you flipped up a ball on a string and tried to catch it in a cup. Only, as you can see, in this instance, you flip up a pumpkin (or a skull) on a string up and catch it in a pennant cup.

I'm planning on filling the cups with candy for our grandchildren, and after the candy is gone (which won't take long!), they'll have a little game to play. You'll need something to weigh down the pumpkin or skull; I used a dime, but it's a little heavy. If you can find something a tiny bit lighter, I think it will work better.

I thought this was a darling little game, and I was thrilled to demonstrate it at the regionals. However, wouldn't you know it, while I was there, a demonstrator gave me a gift--another Halloween game. I think I like it even better than this one! If I have time, I'm going to make a few to add to the Halloween treats I'm putting together for our grandchildren. If I do that, I'll be sure to post it for you to see too!