My Sole Responsibility

I've heard that a few of our Stampin' Up! demonstrators have expressed some concern that I mention religion on my blog and the blog is linked to the Stampin' Up! site and sometimes mentioned in Stampin' Up! material. I'm not sure if people are offended by my mention of religion, or if they're concerned that I'm mixing personal thoughts and feelings with professional, but I thought this was a subject worth bringing up.

I want to make it very clear that this blog is my personal blog, and I am solely responsible for the content of the blog. Stampin' Up! doesn't endorse my blog or any contents on the blog. While some companies do have "official" blogs, is not an official Stampin' Up! blog at all. It's all mine--good or bad!

I hope it's mostly good. If I've offended anyone by mentioning religion, I'm sorry--that is not my intention at all! My religion is at the heart of everything I am. It's what has made me who I am. I can't imagine sharing anything personal without my beliefs and values being brought up fairly frequently because they are so much a part of me. I've tried to be careful about what I've said; I think I've only mentioned the name of the church I belong to once. Most of the time I talk about my church and my beliefs in general.

I don't want people to feel like I'm preaching or teaching or promoting any specific religion or belief. But if I felt like I couldn't mention general thoughts and feelings about what is such a huge part of me and my life, I don't think I could share much.

I hope that clears up my intent behind talking about things of a religious or spiritual nature. I hope most of you aren't bothered when I mention religion. In fact, one of the things I value when I meet demonstrators is our conversations about our shared faith in God.

I also respect diversity and the fact that some of you may be uncomfortable when I mention religion. It won't bother me at all if you choose not to read those postings, or even choose to ignore my blog altogether. I learned long ago that we can't please everyone all of the time, and that diversity is what adds spice to life!