Welcoming New Employees

Meet Fayer Lee and Steve Chan, our new Stampin’ Up! employees—in China! Is that cool, or what? (Steve’s new wife is also in the picture.)

We’ve been working on this for several months, ever since four of us from the home office spent more than a week in China, visiting a huge manufacturing exhibit, contacting vendors, and exploring the possibilities. We met some fantastic people (including Steve and Fayer), made some great contacts, and came back very excited about the possibilities.

Steve and Fayer visited us at the home office, receiving training and getting to know everyone better. I had lunch with them, which is when we snapped this picture. Their main job at this point is to help us find the best pricing--and quality--for the products we offer that are made in China. So, I guess I need to start learning to speak Chinese now. . . .