Home Again

After what seemed like an all-night flight and a day with our grandson Kona, I’m a little groggy, but I couldn’t go to bed without sharing a little bit about our trip to O’ahu (is that how you spell it?), Hawaii. One thing’s for sure, we weren’t ready to come home! It was so warm and relaxing, Sterling and I could have easily stayed for a few more days.

First, we were delighted when we checked in and found our hotel room was a corner room with two different but equally breathtaking views. We enjoyed both, depending on whether we wanted sun or shade or if it was windy or rainy.

So, what did we do all day, you ask? Aside from sleeping in until we woke on our own, eating plenty of fresh pineapple and papaya every morning for breakfast, walking along the beach, watching a few movies, and indulging in spa treatments, we pretty much read. That’s right.

It all started when the girls told me I couldn’t go with them to see the new movie Twilight (coming out this weekend) unless I’d read the book. So, dutifully, I began reading. When we were making our usual trip to the North Shore to attend the temple, I read silently while Sterling drove silently. Occasionally, I giggled, and after he could handle no more silence (I’m always jabbering about something...), he insisted that I read the book to him. That did it! We had both been bitten, you might say, and the rest of the trip was reading—here and there and everywhere!

And we didn’t stop at Twilight either. We read the draft online that describes Edward’s perspective, and then we made sure our Monday morning walk took us to Borders for New Moon! The books were fun and easy to read (sometimes annoyingly so), and now you know why I don’t read novels very often. Once I start, I can’t stop! Sage is bringing the next two books down on Saturday. Maybe Sterling and I can discipline ourselves to read a chapter a night—maybe!

We also stopped in at a quaint little restaurant named Cholos for lunch one day. Notice the cool car to the right of Sterling. I didn’t want to look too obvious by taking a photo of the car itself, but it was a beauty—surfboard and all!

And this photo reminds us of the fabulous flora and the countless waterfalls on the property (we could even hear waterfalls when our balcony doors were open) that muffled the sounds of Waikiki and made us feel like we were on our own little tropical island.

I’m already looking forward to next fall when we have our next trip to Hawaii planned. . .