A Family Outing to the Movies

Well, the long-anticipated family outing to Twilight took place today. As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, my girls have been fans of the books for years, and Sterling and I joined the crowd when we read the book last week in Hawaii. So we were all looking forward to the movie!


We made a day of it. It was Megan’s birthday earlier this week, and her whole family came to town—her to see the movie and then they all went to THE FOOTBALL GAME (University of Utah vs. Brigham Young University, a decades-old interstate rivalry)—so we had a birthday breakfast this morning. We enjoyed the ham, eggs, and French toast (as the birthday girl, Megan got to pick the menu), then she opened her presents. But I have to admit that most of the conversation centered on the movie and game.


After breakfast, we headed off to the movie. There was Sterling and me, Megan (Nate wasn’t invited because he thinks the whole Twilight fervor is silly), Shalae and Jon, and Sage and Jason. (Sara went with friends in Washington, and she’s planning on going again with Sean next week.)


As with most books made into movies, the movie didn’t do the book justice. But really, how could it? When you read a book, your imagination makes it come alive, and it’s almost impossible to cram hundreds of pages of details and images and history and information into only a two-hour movie. While we were a bit disappointed in the movie itself, it was a very fun family outing.


There was certainly plenty of excitement in the theater—thanks in large part to the very enthusiastic, teenaged audience. (Almost all female, by the way; there were only eight men, and three were mine.) The age of many of those in the audience made me think a bit, and I realized some of the subject matter in the book and movie might be more appropriate for adults rather than teenagers.


While I don’t agree with some of the ideas in this work of fiction, the book is very clean—I mean, all they do is kiss! (They don’t even make out!) By the world’s standards, it doesn’t get much cleaner! But the depth of their love and the passion expressed is something that, for me, feels more appropriate in adult relationships, even though teenagers think that love doesn’t get any better than what they’re experiencing.


Anyway, it was a good day—especially if you’re a Twilight fan and/or a Ute. (I don’t get into football at all, but Megan’s family is happy tonight because the score of THE GAME was 48-24, with the U on the winning end.)