Celebration Sunday

The house is finally quiet, after a long day of celebration. We started off this morning with Phoebe’s blessing, a blessing that is given to babies when they’re a month or so old. We went to Shalae and Jon’s church, and Jon gave her a wonderful blessing.

(By the way, I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments after my post last week about my religion. In keeping with that, I don’t want to preach, but there are things I sometimes mention that some of you have asked about. If you have questions about baby blessings or family sealings or missionaries, please visit lds.org, a web site hosted by my church. You’ll find lots of information and answers there.)

After church, everyone came to our home for lunch. The house was packed—Jon’s family came, and all our girls and grandchildren were here, except for Shanna and Sara and her family. However, one of the highlights of the afternoon was Skyping Sara’s family. The cousins spent tons of time talking to each other and getting caught up. While it wasn’t the same as actually having them physically here, it was certainly better than nothing!

My dad and Justine were here as well—it’s wonderful that he’s out of the hospital. While he still has to go to the hospital every day, apparently a hotel bed beats a hospital bed hands down! He’ll be up here for several more weeks, and he’s anxious to get back to his home, but we’re so thankful for the progress he’s making.

I love it when our children and grandchildren are together. It’s true what they say about being a grandparent—it’s absolutely fantastic! Our grandchildren are so cute and fun and patient with each other.

I loved this photo of Tanner putting his little baby cousin to sleep. Tanner held Phoebe for hours! What 11-year-old boy would do that?!

Later in the afternoon we celebrated Kona’s third birthday. Although he was a little clueless about what was happening, he did love all the attention--and the gifts--he received. The horses were by far his favorite!

While the day was incredibly fun and wonderful, when everyone left tonight, the peace and quiet was nice too! Now I’m off to bed, a little earlier than usual, but I’ve got a hot date early tomorrow morning with my grandson Ashton and Potty Scotty. Wish me luck—and I’ll give a full report tomorrow!