A Surprise from the Land Down Under

I had a delightful experience today. I walked out of a meeting today and was greeted by a bright, smiling face—Felicity Gray, one of our demonstrators from Australia. Meeting her was a pleasure; I always enjoy it when demonstrators come visit us in the home office.    


 However, as I chatted with Felicity, I was particularly touched as I discovered that she and her mother had flown to Arizona last Friday to visit her brother and sister-in-law, who recently had a baby. Felicity got up this morning, caught a flight to Salt Lake City, took a cab out to our home office for a two-hour visit, and then took a cab back to the airport to catch a flight back to Arizona. She and her

mother are returning to Australia next Monday.


When I expressed how amazed I was that she would spend an entire day of her short time with her family here to visit Stampin’ Up!, she replied, “I was so close! There was no way I couldn’t come!” I don’t know that a trip from Arizona to Utah is “close,” but I guess it’s all relative. And meeting Felicity made my day!


Felicity topped off her wonderful visit with a handmade gift.

When she pulled it out of her bag, I thought it was a cute little tag, and then she wowed me as she began to unfold it into a darling ornament. (She calls it a star card.) Felicity said she got the pattern and idea from a friend, and she said I could share it with you. I thought you’d find it as amazing as I did!


You can see it’s quite simple—five square pieces of coordinating Designer Series paper (4”x 4”), each piece scored into quarters, laid out diagonally, and then adhered at the two side corners, and folded into an accordion-type ornament.


It was finished with a front and back tag, and a ribbon. And notice that the button is more than just a cute add-on—it’s quite functional; it keeps the star card closed into the “tag” or open into the “ornament.”



I love this gift from my new friend from the Land Down Under!