Granny Pat's Christmas Party

When I last wrote, the girls and I were working on our scrapbook pages to give to family members at our annual Granny Pat’s Christmas Party. We did half the pages this year (usually we do a spread per family), and they were very simple—partly because it was the night before the event when we did them and partly because I only packed a Simply Scrappin’ and a few accessories, but I think they turned out pretty cute. 


We enjoyed being together to create them—we even got help from the guys when it came to the journaling, and we all visited and giggled until late, eating homemade cinnamon rolls until we were sick.

The party includes Mom Pat and her husband, Bill, my Grandma Baker, and all of my sisters and brothers and their families. It always occurs the full weekend just before Christmas. The last few years we’ve gathered in Kanab, Utah. Out-of-towners stay in nearby hotels (everything’s nearby in Kanab), and the party is at the Stampin’ Up! manufacturing building.

It’s perfectly suited for our family with a large area for eating, crafting, and games; the training room doubles as an area for the children to run around and be as loud as they wish as well as a movie theatre where we have our Christmas program; the phone booths make perfect spots for the little girls to hide away and play; even the hallways are filled with activity. Basically every accessible nook and cranny is taken.

Of course, the warehouse is off limits, even though the older boys asked if they could have their Nerf gun wars in between the racking—just imagine Nerf bullets in your stamp sets!

Friday evening everyone arrives for a light dinner and visiting, and Saturday is usually spent playing games, with crafting of some kind for the women provided by my mom (and Aunt Leslie brings projects for the younger children). The children and teenagers exchange and open their gifts, and we end with our traditional Christmas program. Of course, the entire day is filled with visiting and lots of food!

This year was unique because we also had a bridal shower on Saturday morning for my niece Cierra. We held the shower in the Stampin’ Up! apartment upstairs while the men watched all the children downstairs. It was a delightful time with family and friends celebrating Cierra!