A Christmas Card Story (Guest posted by Shalae)

My mom said I could guest post this week—it’s been a wonderfully busy holiday, with lots of family fun time. She is preparing a post for tomorrow that kind of wraps up our family Christmas week, but in the meantime, she loved my Christmas card and invited me to share the project with you.

You have to know something about me first. I’m not a terribly creative person. I love to stamp, but I don’t stamp often, and when I do, I copy what other people do. The one exception? Our annual Christmas card.

Because I really do enjoy stamping, and because we don’t stay in touch with our friends as well as we’d like (we do the best we can with three small children and a husband in school, but it’s just not the season for a lot of friend time!), I choose to hand-stamp our 120 Christmas cards so that people know that we really do care about them, even though we haven’t called them for forever.

Usually I sit down with Mom or Sara and they help me come up with an idea. This year, however, our card was mostly my own idea, which is why I’m especially proud of it! I love the Top Note die cut and the Winter Post set, so I was talking to Mom about how I could incorporate those two things into a card. I came up with the idea of die cutting the picture, along with the matching card stock front and the back of the card. You just stamp a few images on the card stock, add a dimensional to pop up the circle and poke a bit of ribbon, and you’re done. Because you can run three layers through the Big Shot, it was very quick and easy.     


As a side note, I sent my cards out a little late this year. We didn’t take our photo until later, and I did the stamping on a plane ride to the East Coast a couple of weeks ago when Jon and I went back there to check out a few graduate schools (he graduated in photography this month from Utah Valley University). When we got back from our trip, I finished everything up; Jon even helped me with the ribbon. I stuck the cards in the mail the week before Christmas.

I was a bit surprised when about half of them came back, with a note that they needed more postage! Apparently if you stick a button or ribbon or anything dimensional on a card,the post office can charge more postage. From what I understand, they often don’t (my mom receives dozens of hand-stamped cards every year with all sorts of accents on them that are mailed with standard postage), but I guess during the holidays they get a little more strict. Of course, I re-mailed those and made a mental note for next year!

I hope you like this card. I realize it’s after Christmas, but I think this card would work for a lot of occasions—announcements (birth or wedding!), invitations, special occasions, whatever. I sure had fun making it, and it was so quick and easy, I hoped someone out there might be looking for something that was fun to do but didn’t take a lot of time!

Hope you all have a great new year!