Several of you have asked questions in your comments, and I like to try and answer some of those. I won’t be able to answer them all—I gather them as I read your comments, but often by the time I get around to answering them, the answers are sometimes no longer relevant.


So here are a few answers to questions you’ve asked in October and November.


What is a Dutch oven dinner? A Dutch oven is a thick-walled iron (usually cast-iron) cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. In Australia, they sometimes call it a camp oven, a cocette in French, and a casserole dish in British English. (I looked it up on the Internet! Smile) We use a Dutch oven to cook during camping and other cookouts. There are tons of fun recipes available, and a variety of ways to cook food in Dutch ovens.


What kind of camera do you have? I have one large, nice camera with lots of handy, dandy gadgets that I don’t even know how to use. I love the pictures I take with it, but I hardly ever use it because I usually end up grabbing my smaller, pocket-sized Sony Cybershot. It fits perfectly in the darling little purse I got at convention in the Memento Mall, and I take that with me everywhere. Even when I’m at home, I usually end up using it because it’s so convenient, and the pictures are pretty good.


Where is Shanna serving her mission in Spain? She actually gets “transferred” several times throughout her 18-month mission, and will serve in several different locations in Spain.


If I live in different countries, can I send cards to Shanna directly or to the Stampin’ Up! local office? Of course! Shanna’s mission home address is:


Sister Shanna Gardner

Spain Madrid Mission

Avenida de Espana 17, Local 01-1

Alcobenadas, 28100 Madrid, Spain


And if you live in Australia, New Zealand, England, France, or Germany, you can send the cards to your local Stampin' Up! office, and they will forward them to Shanna. I already received a bundle of cards for Shanna along with a note for her, that I've sent off to Spain. Thank you!


If you get too many cards for Shanna, would you consider sending those extra cards to our military service personnel? I think that’s a wonderful idea, and I will forward extra cards to our military personnel. I’m looking into several different ways to do that.


Do you make something for your grandchildren every holiday? Not every holiday, but many of them. When I see a fun project or get a great idea, the holidays are a perfect excuse for me to be creative and share that creativity with others—my own family members.


Did you ever think Stampin' Up! would get this big? This is a great topic for a whole entire blog sometime; I’ll make a note about it. But the short answer is—absolutely not!


Can I order Where Women Create (the magazine that featured my stamp studio) if I don’t live in the United States? I checked, and I found it on Amazon.com, so you should be able to order it there. Also, one of you purchased the magazine and asked if I would sign it. I’d be happy to—if you want to just send it into the home office, I’ll sign it and return it.


Where did you get the shoes that they showed in the Where Women Create feature? I bought them at a small shoe boutique at Gardner Village here in the Salt Lake Valley called Heels and Toes. They carry a lot of shoes that are different and unique; I love the variety I find there.


Can you update on Ashton and how his potty training is doing? Ashton is doing fabulously. He only had one or two accidents early on, and he’s had no problems since. He is very responsible, and we seldom remind him anymore. Just as a note, Ashton was almost three and half years old, and he was ready for potty training. Several of you noted on your comments that potty training needs to be on the child’s timeline, not yours. I do believe that, and know that that’s why our experience with Ashton went so well.


How do you pack your stamping supplies when you travel? Sometimes I’ll pack my supplies in a Cropper Hopper that I’ve had for years (back when we used to sell them), but my new favorite bag is the striped bag I got at Memento Mall during the last convention! Before that, I’d use different bags from Stampin’ Up! events.


As a note, I’m working on getting the larger photos of the holiday place settings. And I was also “tagged,” and I’m going to do that in a future blog too! As for Sara, she will definitely post again! I loved her samples too, and I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next for us!