The Behind-the-Scenes Shot


Every once in a while, I schedule a photo shoot to update my head shots used in different places (catalogs, magazines, web sites, etc.) at Stampin’ Up! You’ll even notice one on this blog!

I smiled when I saw this photo from today’s shoot. It’s a family affair, and everyone pitches in. My son-in-law Jon, my personal photographer, was taking the pictures, and Shalae was helping out—even at nine months pregnant, she’s a team player. It was almost high noon, and after make-up and outfit changes, we’d been at it for almost three hours. She did an incredible job of standing on the wagon wheel, balancing the scrim and her ready-to-burst tummy, and ignoring the hot summer sun.

I thought you’d find this shot as heartwarming as I did. And you’ll also be ready to celebrate when I share the news of baby Phoebe’s birth, which should be any day—and not nearly soon enough for Shalae!

So when you see this head shot of me show up somewhere in a magazine or online, you can smile because you know what was going on behind the scenes!