Causes for Celebration

Since we seem to be talking about celebrating a lot this month, one thing I'm celebrating is that I finally sent out my 150 Gardner family greetings—a one-page, typed update of our family (printed on hand-stamped stationery, of course) along with a family photo.

I wanted to get them out in the spring but fell short. Instead I finished stamping the stationery and writing the update while watching the Olympics (can you believe Michael Phelps? WOW!), and for a person who rarely watches TV, I feel so patriotic while watching the Olympics. I also enjoy watching the world come together in a special way.

Another reason to celebrate? I’m off to Australia to spend a few fun-filled (and maybe a little relaxing) days with our top-achieving demonstrators there, along with their guests. I’ve included a photo taken during the Awards Night at the Australian/New Zealand convention in the spring so you can see who I'll be celebrating with.

I’ll try to send an update from the Land Down Under. If I don’t, you’ll know I’m having way too much fun in the sun!

Happy stamping while watching the Olympics!