Finally with Phoebe!

Okay, I know it's been a week, but I said I would finish highlighting our trip to Australia. And I think the only thing I hadn't mentioned was dinner with lions! Yes, that's right; we ate dinner with lions just feet away. (Of course, there was a chain-link fence and a "hot wire" between us.) 

I wasn't nervous at all--except once. When you look at the photos, I think you'll figure out when! The entire evening with all the animals was fascinating. 

This last week was uneventful because I was so sick, but the past two days have been pure bliss as I've been able to hold Phoebe and play with the boys in the yard. I think I mentioned it before, but whenever our girls have a baby, I spend a week with them. I look forward to this time, as do the girls. They have lists of things they want me to do during my stay, and we enjoy lots of visiting...with a little bit of work on the side. So I'm giving fair warning now that you may not hear much from me this week because it's all about the Browns. 

Until next time...