Leaving Sara

I’m tearing up right now as I write this. I have only a handful of hours before I leave Washington, and I hate it! I know I’ll see Sara and these adorable grandchildren again in a few months, but it still breaks my heart to say good-bye. When I’m here with them, I’m home. That’s such a wonderful feeling—but it makes leaving bittersweet. 

We did a lot while I was here. We went to Seth’s soccer game, we read books, we cooked meals, and Sidney and I finished a pair of pajamas. Tonight we went out to dinner—an adventure with five children ranging in age from one to tween! Then I kissed them and gave them all long hugs before tucking them into bed. And that’s only what I did with the kids! 

Sara and I did even more. We made a list when I first got here of all the projects we wanted to complete. While we haven’t done them all, we’ve made a decent dent in the list, and I have a reason to come back soon because she simply can’t finish these things without me! (Or so I tell myself. . . .)

We also enjoyed a delicious Texas sheet cake—Sara’s specialty! I told the kids that if they weren’t good at the restaurant, there wouldn’t be any left when they got up in the morning—it’s that good! 

Even more than the projects and cake, though, are the late-night chats, the heart-to-heart moments, the laughing and bonding that mean so much. I can never get enough of family, and this trip has been so wonderful! Often when I see Sara and her family, I’m racing through on business and grab a quick, overnight stay. This trip has been a little longer—not nearly long enough, of course—but longer than normal. It’s been very relaxing and enjoyable.

And to make matters even better, the weather has been perfect. Oh, my goodness! When I travel to Washington, I expect to be chilled, and I pack accordingly. But I didn’t need my sweaters and jackets and long sleeves this trip. Clear, sunny, and warm every single day! 

I just couldn’t have asked for anything more—except for time to move a little slower perhaps.

But now we’re popping in a movie and settling down for our last late night—and at least six pieces of Texas sheet cake. I don’t know how mothers do it who don’t see their children for months and months, even years. I know it happens, but I’m so grateful it doesn’t happen to us!