Kansas City Kindness

Well, our first regionals of this year are over, and Kansas City was wonderful! The weather cooperated beautifully, although I only got to enjoy it on the short walk between the hotel and convention center and back. I would have liked to spend a little more time outside, but I was having far too much fun inside with our wonderful demonstrators!

We always tell our first group of the year that they are our “guinea pigs,” because we’re presenting the regional curriculum for the first time. Although we did make a few minor adjustments between Friday and Saturday, things went very well.

I love the mix between business and stamping we have this year, and I thought the workshop wows and best business practices shared by local demonstrators were wonderful! We’re doing our evaluations online this year, so we haven’t received any immediate feedback, but I’m looking forward to reviewing the feedback we do get to see if those who attended shared my feelings.

I demonstrated a “bootiful” Boo banner that Sara created for Halloween, which I would love to share with you. Unfortunately, the photos are captive in my camera, and my technological skills and knowledge are being challenged. I have vowed to conquer the camera this weekend, however, and I promise to show you the visuals of my project by Monday.

One thing that made this regional memorable is the outpouring of genuine concern for my father that I felt from every single demonstrator I talked to. To a person, they expressed thoughts of love and kindness—much like the expressions I’m reading from you here on my blog. How sweet and dear my friends are, many of you whom I have never met. These experiences remind me again about what kind of people we associate with and what kind of people we are all trying to be, and I thank you for your inspiring examples and warm expressions of love.