O Happy Shoes!

Today I had to share the story of my happy shoes with you. The story begins two days before Christmas when Sara was in town for the holidays. Shalae and Sara and I decided to go shopping.



We had all stupidly worn heels, and although we looked adorable (smile), we were dying by the time we got to Buckle, one of our favorite stores. So we did what every intelligent woman with aching feet would do—we bought flat, comfy shoes!


They’re not the cutest shoes; they actually remind me of slippers. But oh, they felt good! The minute we put them on, our feet were happy—so we called them our happy shoes. We felt so much better that we went out for dinner and enjoyed another few hours of mother-daughter time that we wouldn’t have been able to endure without our happy shoes.


Now fast forward a couple of weeks to today. Shalae and I set off today to shop for our family photo.


This family photo is a big deal; it’s the one that goes in the Stampin’ Up! catalog. And because I’m so Type A, everyone has to color coordinate, down to underwear! (Okay, I’m just kidding about the underwear.) But I’m not kidding about having to color coordinate, so I buy everyone one top or shirt once a year. They’re responsible for the bottom half.


The photo isn’t scheduled until next month, but everyone has to try everything on, so we have enough time to exchange and return, so we wanted to get a jump start on it. Shopping for everyone’s clothes can take hours, sometimes even days. Knowing this, Shalae and I had to make an important decision this morning. Did we want to look cute or did we want to be comfortable?


Well, as I mentioned earlier, sometimes I’m an intelligent woman, and this morning was one of those times. We went with the happy shoes, (we may even have to change their name to the shopping shoes) and the day has been wonderful! We’ve found more than we thought we would, and we’ve got the shopping just about finished—earlier than we had anticipated. You can all look forward to seeing our photo in the catalog next summer, and you’ll know that the day we bought the clothes was a happy one because we had happy shoes.


I wanted to add a quick side note. I found out today that I’ve been a bad girl! I didn’t realize that we weren’t supposed to post photos on our blogs of products that were in the new catalog until January 19, the date the catalog goes live. So the boxes I showed on my blog yesterday are actually forbidden pictures!


However, since I’m not selling anything, I’m hoping that my photos generate a lot of interest and hopefully drum up a little business for our demonstrators. For those of you who are customers, contact a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator come Monday (January 19) for the papers and products you need to make the boxes. And for those who are demonstrators, I promise I won’t post early again!