Question and Answer Time

OK, I decided it was time to answer a few questions. I gather them as you ask them in your comments, and try to answer them when I can. So here goes—


When you were in Hawaii, what island did you go to and where did you stay?


We went to Oahu, and we stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa in Waikiki. We’ve stayed there before, and Sterling and I both really like it. They have a great spa, and since we go there to relax, that’s important to us! We can walk to the beach and go out for day trips whenever we want. It doesn’t feel too crowded, but that might be because we spend a lot of time in our room or in spa! How’s that for an unpaid endorsement?


Why don’t you and your girls get help with cooking and cleaning so you have time for the important stuff?


My girls liked this idea! Actually, I love to clean (I know, I know, can you believe it?!), but several years ago I did give it up because it was one of the things I knew that someone else could do as well as I could. And something had to give! I loved the lady who helped me—she was a godsend. Unfortunately, she retired last spring, and I’ve missed her; she became a good friend. Thankfully, Mom Pat comes up from southern Utah every so often to help out with the cleaning now, and I’m so grateful for her!


As for cooking, I’d LOVE to have someone! I’d especially love someone to cook really healthy food. For years, Sterling has done most of the cooking, and he does a fine job. However (and I know he won’t mind me saying this), he’s very busy and usually starts thinking about dinner 10 minutes before it’s time to eat, and so his options are limited. In addition, Grandpa can only eat soft things, so Sterling has learned how to cook eggs in dozens of different ways. (smile)


Hopefully someday I’ll find someone who loves to cook fresh and healthy, with herbs and seasonings, and with a minimum of sauces and gravies. If I can find that person, I’ll grab him or her up quick!


How is Vonna?


She’s great! We see each other often, probably at least once a month, whenever I head down to Kanab. If you read my the blog about Grandma Pat’s Christmas party, you’ll notice that we had a shower for Vonna’s third daughter, who just got married. That’s kept Vonna busy. In addition, she and Sean are just finishing a house that they’ve had rebuilt, so she’s been supervising that. It’s exciting to see their new home almost completed, and I think she’ll be thrilled when that project is done!


How can we make the photos that you post bigger?


We’re working on that with our web professionals! We’ll keep you posted on what we find out!


Can guests attend Convention 2009?


We haven’t made that determination yet. Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know. . . .


How many people attended Grandma Pat’s party? Who plans it? Did Vonna go?


There were more than 60 all together—a large, fun bunch! Grandma Pat plans it, but she delegates meal assignments, and we all work together to help her out as much as we can. Vonna was there, of course!


How many siblings do you have?


I’m the oldest of seven. Dad and Mom Heather had four, and then Dad and Mom Pat had three more. We never differentiate between “step” or “half” or anything like that—we’re just seven brothers and sisters. Several of you have asked about my moms, and I’m planning to explain a little more about that in another upcoming post.


Does Stampin’ Up! support Courage Reins?


Stampin’ Up! donates rubber to the nonprofit organization, which Courage Reins turns around and sells for a minimum amount. If someone wants to pay more, they don’t complain!


Do your girls alternate spending the holidays with their in-laws?


Absolutely! We interview the boys before they marry our daughters and make sure they know the gig—even years are ours for Christmas and odd years are ours for Thanksgiving. It’s worked out well so far, and we are so grateful! I have heard about wives who always make their husbands go to their parents’ home for the holidays, and I think that’s sad. Our girls were raised knowing they’d be spending half the holidays with their in-laws! Grandpas and grandmas on both sides of the family need to see those darling children!


Now, we’re lucky because several of our girls have married local boys, so we actually overlap a bit, and while that’s hectic for the kids, it’s nice to see them more often than we might if they were out of town.


Just a note—someone commented about popcorn and how it’s dangerous for young children. (I had mentioned that we had popcorn several times over the holidays.) I appreciate that information. I wasn’t aware of the dangers associated with popcorn, and that reader was obviously as passionate about popcorn as I am about balloons! I’ve heard way too many horror stories about children choking on balloons and I will not have a balloon in my home with little children around! So thanks for sharing the information, and I’ll certainly be much more careful!