A Blah Day

I don’t have blah days very often, but today was one of those days.

I set the alarm for 8:00 just in case we didn’t wake up on our own (sure that we wouldn’t need it). So, when the alarm went off, I was shocked! I told Sterling we needed to get up and get going and then proceeded to go right back to sleep—I never sleep in like that! Needless to say, when we finally did get out of bed and Sterling was getting his dad ready for the day only to find him light-headed and unsteady, I was slightly relieved that I didn’t have to rush around to get ready for church (Sterling and I take turns staying home with Grandpa when he’s not up to going out, and it was my turn to stay home).

I’ve spent the entire morning in slow motion looking at hundreds of photos while trying to find a few specific photos for an upcoming post. The experience has been enjoyable and frustrating—enjoyable because I love looking at photos and reminiscing and frustrating because my photos should be better organized. Hence, another goal for 2009 is to have ALL my photos organized. Sterling even agreed that our office would be the perfect place to leave photos out (and locked up so the grandchildren can’t touch them) while I work on this huge project that just might take the entire year (that’s once we organize our already cluttered office, which is this week’s project).

This afternoon, I snuggled with Sterling in our “chair-and-a-half” and fell asleep, certain that when I woke up I’d have tons of energy to attack another project that’s needed to be done for months—writing wedding, baby, and condolence cards to family and friends. The nap was nice, but I’m still moving slowly and feeling rather groggy. So, I’ve set the cards out on the kitchen counter, and if I leave them out (it bugs me when projects are sitting out on the counter for any length of time), I’ll be sure to write a few each night this week.

Maybe my subconscious knows all the things I secretly have planned to accomplish this week and wanted to take a day off. I’m okay with that. Really I am. In fact, Sterling and I even watched a movie together while sipping on a fruit smoothie and nibbling on caramel popcorn—a rare occasion indeed.

Subconscious, enjoy today because tomorrow it’s full steam ahead. No time for any more blah days for a while. I have an office to organize!