Ringing in the New Year

I wouldn’t normally spend much time talking about the way we party on New Year’s Eve, but Sterling and I looked at each other and laughed when we read one of your comments on the blog, noting that you couldn’t wait to see how we rang in the new year. So I thought I’d share.

We rang in the new year last night with family in our favorite fashion—several hours early! (smile)

Sterling and I will stay up late if there are people at our house, wanting to make it a party. But last night all we had was Shalae and Jon and their three children. And for all the boys knew, it might have been midnight—because they definitely stayed up way past their bedtime!

To celebrate we made shape pancakes (stars and hearts—both the boys wanted stars), toasted with Martinelli’s bubbly (a holiday tradition), ate caramel popcorn while watching an episode of “Word World” (a PBS short cartoon series), and then waved to the kids as they headed home. They left our house about 8, which is pretty late for those three little ones.

Sterling and I weren’t too far behind. We didn’t get to bed way early, but we sure didn’t stay up until midnight either!

And today has been just as enjoyable. I’ve listened to Christmas music all day (probably the last whole day for several months, although I do sneak in Christmas songs all year long) and worked on leadership projects, while Sterling cleared snow off our driveway. No interruptions, no meetings or deadlines, not a lot of pressure. I’m excited about what I’m demonstrating on stage at leadership, and I’m having lots of fun trying out new things.

So there you have it—a Gardner family New Year’s celebration! Hope the details aren't too disappointing! And I also hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration yourself!