Hats Off to Grandpa

Grandpa (Sterling's father) celebrated his 95th birthday yesterday, and we had a
wonderful party to mark the event.

For those who don't know. Grandpa (aka Ulysses Sterling or US or Uke or Mr.
G or Grandpa Great) is Sterling's father, and he's lived with us for the
past six and a half years. Sterling is the youngest of three children. He
has two older sisters; Alice died of cancer several years ago, and this is


One of Grandpa's grandchildren hosted the party at her gorgeous cabin up in
Park City, and there were about 60 people who came. It was a "Hats Off to
Grandpa" event, so we all wore hats, which was very fun! All the adults
received a commemorative T-shirt, which I thought was very well designed.

Because we don't all get together as often as we'd like--and don't know
everyone as well as we'd like--they had planned a great
"get-to-know-each-other-better" game, then we played a white elephant
birthday gift game, and they gave awards for the best hats in several
different categories. We ended the evening with a delicious dinner and lots
of fun visiting. It was a fabulous way to celebrate Grandpa's special day.