Back from CHA

We just got back last night from our annual CHA trip. For those who might not know, CHA stands for the Craft & Hobby Association, and every year they have an annual “show” where vendors and manufacturers get together and show off their stuff. That’s the casual term for it, of course! (smile)

I love to go to the show and see what’s new and trendy. I’ll often see things that spark ideas for things Stampin’ Up! can do.

This year was no exception. It was a little smaller than in years past, and attendance was down a bit, but I still enjoyed it. I didn’t see quite as much “new” as I’ve seen in years past, but the atmosphere was exciting and upbeat, and there was plenty of creativity on display!

My favorite part of this year’s show was seeing a few demonstrators, who were there to get ideas. I loved chatting with them. I asked most of them the same question: What have you seen that you’re most excited about and what should Stampin’ Up! be carrying?

Their answers comforted me. While a few had some specific suggestions, the majority of them seemed to agree with one demonstrator, who said, “I love our product a whole lot more than anything I’ve seen here!”

Of course, we know that we have to keep our product offering timely and fresh, but it was nice to know that it appears we’re heading in the right direction. While there may be a few missing items on your wish-list, for the most part, we’ve got what people are looking for.

On a more personal note, another thing I really enjoyed about this year’s show was that Sterling was with me the entire time—we walked the whole show together! Our feet hurt at the end of each day, but it was nice to head back to the hotel room together, order room service, and watch a movie together. You can’t beat spending the day checking out what’s hot in the industry and spending the evening with your hot hubby!