Phoebe's Newfound Freedom

I got to bed early last night hoping for a good night sleep, which I didn’t get. The reason? Little Phoebe was exploring her newfound freedom just a few feet away, and her noises were keeping me awake.

You see, we’re watching Phoebe and her big brothers, Ashton and Cooper, while Shalae and Jon head east again for a visit with a potential graduate school. I’m not happy about the pending move, but I’m trying to be supportive as I can, which means we get to have the children for the next three days.

I never sleep really well the first night that we tend grandchildren. I usually get up and check them several times to make sure they’re OK. And that typical sleep disruption was worse last night because little Phoebe, who has outgrown her bassinet, was playing in her new port-a-crib, which we set up in our bedroom.

She found her new sleeping arrangements very amusing. In her old bassinet she could only roll over and roll back, but in the new digs she can twist and turn, tug at the netting, and do all sorts of fun things. So every time she woke up ready for a bottle, she spent at least a half hour checking everything out. I lay in bed listening, not able to sleep and not really wanting to interrupt what was clearly a happy time for her. Eventually she’d get around to deciding she was hungry, and she’d cry, and I’d feed her, and then put her back to bed. We’d both enjoy a few short hours of sleep before the process started up all over again.

I miss the sleep, but it’s hard to get to upset at a darling baby girl enjoying her newfound freedom!