Ending Summer on a Powell High

Warning: If you don’t want to read about Lake Powell again (we also took a family vacation there earlier this summer!), just skip this post! (smile)

Everyone who knows me well knows that Lake Powell is one of my favorite places! It’s always my first choice for a family vacation, and we try to go a couple of times a year—it’s quick, easy, and close!

We’ve ridden through a storm or two and seen Mother Nature wreak havoc down there in a matter of minutes, but we’ve never seen quite the fury we experienced yesterday—I hope it’s a day we never have to repeat!

The wind was absolutely incredible, throwing everything around, snapping thick ropes, and making what is usually a fairly easy, smooth process extremely difficult! Breaking down camp and getting ready to come off the lake was scary, and although I never feared for my life, I was certainly stressed. Thankfully, although we were drenched and exhausted, we finally got everything cleaned up and packed up safely.

And it was definitely worth it, because the weather before that was as perfect as we’ve ever had on Powell—even Sterling fell in love with the lake this time!

We really had a great time! Sara and Sean and their family were the only ones who could come, but they hadn’t been for two years, so it was a treat to see their children enjoy it all. The Douglass kids are like their mom and dad, always up for an adventure, and they loved every minute of it. Stella, the youngest, had no fear. She was a goer the entire time, and we were all on constant “Stella alert.”

I didn’t spend much time in the water—I spent most of my time with the kids (helping with homework, taking photos, reading books, crafting), cooking, and (of course) stamping. I finally finished the box invitations for Shanna’s Happy Halloween Homecoming party—got the idea straight out of the current US/CAN Idea Book & Catalog (the Happy Halloween box on page 20).

All in all, it was a great way to end the summer!