All About Shanna

As you know (I already mentioned it, of course!), Shanna came home on Tuesday, and this week has been all about her!

I took time off work and have just spent every minute I could with her! I’ve already talked about Wednesday (our veg day), but Thursday we had business to take care of. Almost all of the clothes she took on her mission were left, threadbare and worn, in Spain. So on Thursday Sage, Shanna, and I headed out. We didn’t do a ton of shopping, but we came up with a few basics.

We took time out for lunch at a yummy bistro, and it was the first time Shanna had really felt like eating—it was good to see her finally eating!

Most of Friday was spent unpacking the boxes Shanna had packed and stored away before she left. I guess I should say I watched while Shanna unpacked! (smile) Actually, I didn’t watch. . . while we visited I worked on the album for her Happy Halloween Homecoming party this week.

Friday night, Shanna had her first date in 18 months! She had a blind date with the nephew of a friend, to help her make the adjustment back into that whole social scene.

Sage came over to help her get ready, and Sara and her children showed up for the finishing touches—you would have thought it was prom or something! And everyone was here for dinner when the date showed up! He was a great sport though!

We even got a photo—although I’d been given strict instructions not to take one! Thankfully Sean grabbed his phone camera and took a shot, without any prompting at all from me!

The date went well, and our Shanna is transitioning nicely. We went to yoga together this morning, and this afternoon she drove a car for the first time—and survived! She went off on her own to visit some friends, and I got to spend the afternoon at the hospital with Leslie. 

This week is ending much too soon, and I’m sad—next week I'll have to start adding real life into the equation--but I'll still be spending as much time with Shanna as possible. This week has been absolutely delightful!