The Last Canyon Outing

With Shanna home and Sara and Sean and their kids back in town after two years, we decided we needed to do one last Dutch Oven cookout in the canyon before it got too cold (not that it’s warm at all—you can see by the pictures that it was plenty crisp!). But we planned it earlier in the day, invited a few friends and family (nieces, Sean’s sister-in-law, etc.,), and ventured up.

I’m glad we went! It was delightful watching the cousins climb on the rocks and play together. There were still a few colorful leaves left. And the potluck food (Sterling did his Dutch Oven, but everyone else brought a contribution as well) was tasty! And if you found a spot in the sun, the temperature actually wasn’t too bad either.

So that was the big event of the day, although I have to admit that I enjoyed the rest of the day equally as much!

After the canyon, I headed up to the hospital to spend the afternoon and evening with Leslie. We had hoped that her numbers would be high enough that I’d be taking her “home” (a small apartment near the hospital she and Danny have rented specifically for this purpose), but we were disappointed.

Instead, she helped me finish the napkin rings for Shanna’s Happy Halloween Homecoming party tomorrow, and we watched HGTV, one of Leslie’s favorite channels. (I’m not really sure what that stands for—I hardly ever watch TV, so I’m not familiar with it, but there were a lot of home and remodeling shows, so I’m thinking the H might stand for Home.)

I was intrigued by the shows, and we had to laugh because every once in a while I got so interested in something on one of the shows, we had to stop visiting until the commercial. It was fascinating to see people choose a designer for a remodel and then see the remodel process, or watch how people prepare to sell their houses. We had a good time guessing if they were making the right choices (in our opinions) and then see the results that followed.

Mom Pat arrived to spend the night with Leslie, and to take her for a drive today. (Woo hoo—although she doesn’t get to go home, she can at least get out, the first time in weeks!) I hated to drag myself away but finally had to leave.

We’re hoping that Monday will be the magic day, and Leslie will be able to go to the apartment then. (Cross your fingers and pray for her. . . ) But until then, Leslie is in amazing spirits! She’s upbeat and positive, and I loved spending time with her.

Several of you have asked about sending her a card—that would be wonderful! If you want to send them to Stampin’ Up!, I’ll be happy to deliver them to her. Thank you for your thoughtfulness; she (and I) appreciate it all so much!