The Weekend Is Over

You’ve got to be sick and tired of me talking about Shanna’s Happy Halloween Homecoming party—I’ve talked about it at events, posted about it, and now—finally—it’s come and gone. With the party on Saturday and Shanna’s homecoming talk on Sunday, the whole weekend felt like one long, never-ending celebration (with never-ending photos included!).

The party was a delightful success—family and friends dressed in fabulous costumes; pins and prizes; tasty soups, salads, and sandwiches; Shanna’s famous homemade desserts; and a lot of visiting. We gave out prizes for the best costumes (most original, most funny, classic, etc.). As you can see by the photos, it was very difficult to choose the best—every costume was incredible!

Saturday was also special because Leslie was upstairs, tucked away in a bedroom, visiting with a few family and friends. She had gotten special permission to leave the hospital for the day, and she came to visit. Of course, she offered to help out with last-minute decorating! Just before she left, Mom Pat came up with the brilliant idea of hiding her upstairs (she’s not supposed to be around any crowds, defined as more than two or three people) and inviting people to come up one or two at a time to chat.

After making sure it was OK with Shanna (who, of course, didn’t mind), we did exactly that, so many family members who came to the party got the unexpected treat of a visit with Leslie. And Leslie got to participate in a fun family party that she was thinking she’d have to miss!

We’ve had Halloween parties in the past, but not necessarily every year. As we wrapped up this party, however, it was suggested that this become a Gardner family tradition! (We’ll see. . . )

Many of those (especially family) who came on Saturday stayed for our Church meetings on Sunday, where Shanna talked about her mission. I must admit I sat in the congregation and felt a fair bit of pride as I listened to our daughter laugh and cry as she shared her mission experiences. It was very rewarding to listen to her!

After the meeting, we had another houseful of guests. We served breakfast for lunch (went through dozens of eggs, several loaves of sourdough bread, slices and slices of ham, gallons of milk and juice, and a big bowl of grapes!). The weather cooperated wonderfully—children ran in and outside all afternoon, and it was a peaceful, relaxing afternoon. I felt badly because I didn't pull the camera out until most of the guests had left (too busy cooking and visiting!), but I did manage to get a few photos. 

When the last guest left, we collapsed—Sara and Shanna fell asleep on the floor exhausted. I was tempted to join them, but I figured at least one adult should probably stay up and supervise the remaining children who were still running around. (smile)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend—and I’m relieved it’s over!