A Million-Dollar Visit

I’ve just wrapped up a wonderful few days, spent mostly with Lisa Fast, a million-dollar Stampin’ Up! demonstrator!

Lisa reached this milestone in July, and as is our tradition, we invited her to the home office to celebrate this significant achievement in style!

Our Events staff did everything they could to create an event that would be perfectly suited to Lisa. Her favorite colors—pink and brown—dominated the entire event, from invitation and pillow gifts to home office decorations (balloons and banners) and food tags. Everything we could make pink and brown, we did! (Check out the personalized M&M’s!)


Lisa arrived in Salt Lake on Wednesday morning and was whisked away to the hotel, where she and her guest (husband Verlyn) got to rest and relax a bit before heading to the home office. There, they were greeted by an impressive crowd of cheering, confetti-waving employees—and a cheesecake spread to die for! (Cheesecake is Lisa’s favorite dessert, and there were plenty of kinds and flavors to choose from!)

Wednesday night, Lisa and Verlyn went to dinner with the corporate team to a steakhouse in downtown Salt Lake City. Anyone who knows Lisa knows she’s a meat-and-potatoes girl, so we thought that might be the ideal dinner location.

At dinner, one of the corporate team members asked Lisa what she was going to do on Thursday. “Just hang out with Shelli,” she said.

And that’s exactly what we did!

Lisa arrived at my house Thursday morning around 10, and we spent most of the day in my stamp studio. Lisa worked on a 6x6 album (guess what the colors were?), while I answered a few phone calls, signed certificates, worked on some Europe convention projects, and even managed to do a little on my album.

I LOVED just visiting with Lisa and getting to know her better—and snacking on the M&Ms was nice too!

Verlyn enjoyed a special behind-the-scenes tour of Stampin’ Up! in the morning, then he arrived just in time for lunch with Lisa and I; Sterling also joined us.

Lisa and I kept stamping in the afternoon, while Verlyn and Sterling spent the afternoon checking out a few local sights. We had dinner at Thanksgiving Point, and then spent the evening watching a show at Deseret Star Theater, a local community theater that has built quite a reputation for doing productions spoofing well-known shows. We saw “Snooty and the Beast,” and it was delightful. If I had more time, I’d think about buying season tickets!

It was a very relaxing, delightful day. Lisa and I were both surprised when it was time to each lunch and then leave for dinner—the time flew by. And it’s interesting that it took someone coming in from out of town for Sterling and I to discover a local attraction that was very entertaining. On the way home last night, both Sterling and I commented about how much we’d enjoyed ourselves.

Today Lisa and Verlyn returned home, after what I hope was a fabulous three days recognizing and rewarding Lisa (and Verlyn too) for what she’s accomplished.

Congratulations, Lisa!