Fall Cleaning

I know many people do annual spring cleaning, and I have done that before. But this year for some reason (probably because I didn’t get my cleaning done in the spring!), I’ve been feeling a tremendous urge to fall clean.

I don’t remember ever having such a strong urge to organize before; it’s probably because Mom Pat is here and she’s helping me make so much progress. I leave in the morning to go to work, and when I come home, Mom has boxes for me to go through. She’s gone through piles and drawers and cupboards and closets and she’s gathered things together for me to go through. (I know, I know. I’m spoiled—and lucky—to have my mom available to help me with this!)

I love the feeling of becoming more organized. I’m actually by nature quite an organized person, but things have been so hectic and so much has been going on lately, that I’ve been slowly slipping into a bit of chaos. I’m a little bit proud that I can even function in chaos—there was a time in my life when I was so Type A that I wouldn’t have been able to. I’ve learned to relax and let go a little, and I like that I can do that. But I (and I think most of us) function better when I am in an organized, orderly environment.

So I enjoy making progress on getting organized. And while some of what Mom and I are doing is mundane and boring, even a little yucky, I know that we’re working toward a goal that is important—and exciting—to me.

I told my mom last night that she should move in for three months, and maybe by the end of that time I’d be on top of everything! As it is, I’m looking forward to what we can get done this week!