A Four-Day Layover

On our way home from the Europe Convention, we flew into Atlanta, Georgia enroute to Salt Lake City. Atlanta is only a hop, skip, and a jump from Savannah, so of course, we made plans to stop and see the Brown family before continuing all the way home.

It’s only been a couple months since we’ve seen them, but it’s felt like much longer, and it was wonderful to see them again! The kids have spent much of their first few weeks in Georgia battling bugs (colds, flu, even pneumonia), and I’ve wished I’d been closer so I could help. Thankfully, they are all feeling pretty healthy now!

They all came to the airport to pick us up—even though it meant driving two cars because we all couldn’t fit into one on the way home. And Grandpa and Grandma Gardner were greeted by a hand-drawn “welcome” mural, hanging on the guest bedroom door, when we got to their house. The kids were very proud of their artwork!

We really didn’t do a lot while we were in Savannah, other than play with grandchildren, chat, and relax. Shalae and I went antiquing one day, Jon made his famous chocolate malts and shakes a couple of times, I worked on employee birthday cards, and I helped Shalae work on their family Christmas cards.

Even though I’m not much of a TV watcher, I actually enjoyed sitting down every evening in front of the screen, stamping and visiting. I don’t remember what we watched at all—just loved the feeling of being together with family.


The weather on the first two days was perfect—we loved spending time outside with the kids. On Wednesday it rained cats and dogs (Shalae claims it hasn’t rained that badly since our last visit, so it’s all our fault!), and Thursday it was cold—but not too cold for the kids to still spend a little time outside enjoying the fresh air.

It was a wonderfully relaxing four-day layover!

We got back last night, and returned to more grandchildren! We’re watching the Douglass kids while Sara and Sean spend the weekend in Washington visiting friends there.  And we’re hoping to have Kona join us tomorrow, so we’ll have seen all but our White grandchildren in the past week. What a treat!