A Bad Hair Week

I’m sure most of you have had a bad hair day once in awhile. I hate it when I can’t get my hair looking just right! But I’ve been having a bad hair WEEK!

It all started last Saturday, the second day of Europe convention. For some reason, the adaptor I’ve always used for my flat iron doesn’t working, so I’d been making due with the hotel blow dryer.

On Saturday, however, Pam Morgan lent me her adaptor—I was so excited! So I plugged in my flat iron, let it heat up, and then started to work on my bangs. It took about 1.3 seconds for me to figure out something was wrong because I could smell singed hair! Apparently the flat iron had heated up too much, and I had burned a hole in my bangs!

After a bunch of “Oh my goodness-es” and “my hair, my hair,” I managed to get my emotions under control, but there was nothing I could do about my hair. I didn’t even have my Snips with me to try to repair the damage. I felt like a four-year-old who had cut her own hair for the first time; I’m sure all you mothers know exactly what I’m talking about—the missing chunk of hair and cut bangs right up close to the scalp.

I flip-flopped hair over and under and across for the convention, used tons of product, and tried to smile big enough that people wouldn’t stare at the hair. Everybody had the good manners not to mention it, and I made it through Saturday.

But it’s not gotten much better, as you can see. (smile) When I got to Savannah, Shalae did what she could, but she said she didn’t dare cut too much, or there would be even a bigger hole. So this past week has been a bad hair week, and I’m anticipating a few more bad hair days before my bangs grow out a bit more.

If anyone knows any way to make hair grow faster, let me know!