A Douglass Weekend

I told you in my last blog that we had the Douglass kids for the weekend. We had a great time! Sterling and I planned to take them somewhere fun, like the museum or a movie or something, but they just wanted to hang out with us. Which kind of surprised us because they come over fairly often, and we thought they’d want to be anywhere but here.

We woke up to a snowstorm on Saturday morning, so we were kind of relieved that they seemed pretty content staying put. Heading out in the snow didn’t sound very fun.

We did manage one outing Saturday afternoon—we ventured out to get Kona’s birthday present (some classic Disney movies) and have dinner. While we were looking for Kona’s present, we found a movie the kids wanted to watch—Aliens in the Attic. That was all the motivation they needed to come home and take their baths and brush their teeth in record time!

On Sunday, the big outing was going to church. The kids looked darling!

And then after church, we celebrated Kona’s fourth birthday (his actual birthday was while we were at the Europe convention, so this was a belated party).

Kona loved the movies and chocolate doughnuts (he doesn’t really like cake and ice cream). And we enjoyed the chance to wish him a happy birthday and spend time with everyone who was in town!