A New Moon Memory

As some of you Twilight fans may know, New Moon broke a few opening weekend movie records, and we certainly did our part to make that happen!

My girls are all huge Twilight fans, so we rented a theater for a screening of the show last night. Turns out you don’t have to be anybody famous or rich or special to rent a theater—you just have to be willing to pay what the theater would make if every seat sold. Well, we knew we could fill the theater with our family and friends, so we set a date and spread the news.

Shanna was in charge of gathering the money and handling seat selection; you could choose your seats on a first-paid, first-pick basis. And in my opinion, it didn’t matter whether you liked the movie or not, just watching it with a big group of people you know was a great experience! Sterling said it best—“It was like watching a movie with lots of people you know in a really big living room.”

We began the evening with dinner at a nearby restaurant with a smaller group, then we walked over to the theater.

It was fun to see our name in lights, reserving the theater.

Since we knew just about everyone in the theater, there was a casual, fun, friendly atmosphere. We called out greetings as people arrived, and when Vonna and her daughters came all the way from Kanab, we cheered.

We got away with a little visiting and a few loud comments that we wouldn’t have in a normal movie theater (my favorite was when Jacob ripped off his shirt, and Sterling’s best friend said, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Hold it down, Shanna!”). Everyone laughed at that, especially Shanna!

So it was definitely memorable, and the girls are already making plans for a repeat performance when the next movie is released!