The Day After

Thanksgiving has come and gone—it always goes way too quickly!

We had an almost perfect day. All the kids were here except for Sara and Sean and their children, who were with Sean’s family in southern Utah.

We got started fairly early, which meant that we didn’t feel rushed and we had plenty of time to enjoy the whole process. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and prepping and chatting; we even sat down and took a break once in awhile. It was wonderful!


While we were prepping in the kitchen, there was a football game going on in the great room and Christmas movies being shown downstairs. 

The kids floated back and forth between the two, with lots of time spent helping in the kitchen as well. They loved being little helpers and doing all sorts of tasks and errands.

I have to mention our name card project. Shalae and I had stamped name cards and Zach accepted the assignment to write the names. It was adorable to watch him take such meticulous care in spelling everyone’s name correctly. He wanted the cards to look great—and they did!

Dinner was delicious, of course. And I don’t know if your Thanksgiving is like ours, but after I finished, I sat there and wanted to go back for more—everything was so good—but I didn’t have a bit of room anywhere for seconds. I guess that’s what Thanksgiving leftovers are all about, right?

Today has been as relaxing and wonderful as yesterday was. We’ve played, visited, and just hung out most of the day. The kids did go swimming, and the grown-ups went to a movie. (Grandma got to watch the kids—lucky me!) I love spending time with loved ones, don’t you?

I do hope your Thanksgiving was great and that your weekend will be wonderful!