Focusing on Friday

I’m barely recovering from Thanksgiving (and what a great day and weekend it was!) and it already feels like I’m playing catch up for Christmas. This is a hectic—but exciting—week as we prepare for the TODAY show appearance. My mind is pretty much focused on Friday’s main event, but there’s a lot to do in the meantime.

Call me a little obsessive, but I refuse to leave for New York until my holiday decorating is done; I just don’t want to come home and still have it hanging over my head. So today I concentrated on a special leadership project, but I’m bound and determined to get the tree decorating done tonight and tomorrow night—in between a full day of meetings tomorrow and finalizing everything for Friday.

One of the things that has me most stressed (in a good way, of course) is creating a gift for the TODAY show hosts and personalities. We’re creating more than a dozen hand-stamped gifts that we’ll be presenting to Matt, Meredith, Al, Ann, and the gang. I haven’t even decided exactly what we’ll be doing yet, but I have to know tonight! I can hardly wait to show you. . . .

So with that said, I'm not planning on posting much this week. Last week was a little sparse on postings as well, but I know you’ll understand—and send lots of positive energy my way, right?