Chalkboard Reminders

I don’t know if you noticed that we now have Chalkboard Décor Elements; they’re in the new Definitely Decorative insert. When I saw them, I couldn’t resist trying one out.

I chose this medium-size Decorative Sign because it fit perfectly on a wall in the hallway leading into our kitchen. You can see it when you walk into our back door, as well as when you walk into the kitchen, so it’s the perfect place to remind everyone about anything important. (I can also use it to write a quick love note to my sweetheart if I want!)

It was quick and easy to put up—I literally put it up in the time it took for my familyto set the table for dinner last night. If you use decent chalk (at first I used cheap chalk from a Happy Meal, and it didn’t work very well!), it’s easy to write on, and it cleans up quick and easy too. I can tell already it’s going to be very useful; I’m planning on using it for all sorts of quick reminders. Right now, anyone who sees it will remember that we have two “can’t-miss” family activities this weekend.

My only regret is that I didn’t take the time to put it up sooner!