Polka Dot Girls

In October, I blogged about a cute little quartet of sisters who came and serenaded me for my birthday. The girls, ages 8 to 15, live in my neighborhood, and they love to sing.

Well, they stopped by again last night to share some Christmas carols. They’ve added a few movements to their repertoire, and they are amazing! We mentioned that they were good enough to get paid, and their mom said that they had started a little business. (She gave us their business card and contact information: Polka Dot )

It shouldn’t surprise you that I love to support entrepreneurs—Stampin’ Up! is based on the entrepreneurial spirit of incredible women everywhere—especially when real talent is involved. (My little brother used to go around our neighborhood selling rocks, and while he gets points for effort, there wasn’t a lot of value in what he was selling!)

These girls, on the other hand, have real talent! They each play at least one musical instrument, and they love performing—you can tell. Mom isn’t behind the scenes prodding them along. This is something they enjoy doing.

Sterling already told them to put our anniversary on their calendar, and I’m looking forward to paying them for that appearance!