A Christmas Greeting from Shalae

I asked my daughter Shalae to guest post today—she sent out darling Christmas cards this year that I wanted her to share!

Every year Jon and I send out Christmas cards—it’s pretty much the only time we keep in touch with our friends! Jon is in school, and the three preschool-age kids keep me plenty busy, so we don’t get to socialize much. And since we moved to Georgia in August, I really wanted to make sure we touched base this year!

When we started thinking about this year’s card, I kind of felt like we had to top last year’s card—which was very cool. Jon loves to come up with fun projects, so he took on the assignment.

He came up with a neat pull-down photo card. At first glance, it looks like a regular card, but it doesn’t open up.

Instead, you pull the photo down, out of the card.

The ribbon keeps it connected to the card. I loved it when he showed it to me, and got very excited about making them.

Well, 125 cards later, I had lost a little of my enthusiasm; they turned out to be more time-consuming than I thought they’d be! I spent days working on them. I even put my mom to work when she came and visited us last month. I was thrilled when we finally got them finished and mailed out! They were worth the effort though—everyone I talk to mentions how much they enjoyed receiving them.

I’m already thinking about next year’s card. I think Jon will be assigned to come up with the mechanics, but I will tell him we do NOT need to top this year’s card. I’ll be just fine with cards that don’t take nearly as long to make. . . .