Grandma Pat's Party

Over the weekend, we had our annual Grandma Pat’s Christmas party, and it was fabulous as always! I’ve got tons of photos, so I won’t write much—the photos speak for themselves!

Grandma Pat’s Christmas is one of the holiday highlights for me because I get to spend so much time with family! The party begins on Friday and ends on Sunday afternoon—a wonderful weekend. If anything set this year apart, it was that the weather was perfect and more people came earlier and stayed later.  

We probably had 70 or more people, and most of us stayed the entire time—what a treat! We ate a lot (Grandma Pat gives out food assignments), did tons of crafting, watched a movie, and visited, visited, visited! We are a chatty family, and we don’t really need much to have fun other than each other.

We did have our regular program on Saturday night, with a few musical numbers, caroling, the Christmas story (the younger children dress in Nativity costumes), and a year-in-review family slide show. I love seeing how everyone’s family is growing and changing. 

We went to church together on Sunday, had a nice lunch, and then headed home—another Christmas party come and gone, and already looking forward to next year!