A Shorter Shopping List

Were doing something this year thats liberating—were giving our children and grandchildren money instead of actual gifts.

Now, I’ve never wanted to be that kind of personthe person who just gives an “impersonal” gift of money or a gift card. But when we asked the children for a list of the things they wanted or needed (we don’t give them everything they ask for, of course, but we like to have options), the lists were long and varied—and expensive!

One of the girls suggested money so that they—and the grandchildren, who are getting old enough to want gifts that cost a little more too—could put it toward purchasing a pricier present. Initially, I rejected the idea, but then we thought about it. I remembered as a young girl, one of my grandmothers always gave us a little cash, and I looked forward to it every year because I could go shopping and buy something myself.

With that memory in mind, we decided to try it this year and see how it goes. I don’t know why I’ve always thought money was such an impersonal gift, but I must admit that I’m sure enjoying the fact that my shopping list is a lot shorter! Since we’ve given ourselves permission to go this route, I’ve been able to relax a little bit more and enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday preparations too!