TODAY Was Today

So, did you see me? It was short and sweet, but it was a great opportunity.

We kind of hoped and expected a little bit longer segment, but we know television well enough to not be surprised when it turned out to be so brief. I didn’t get to say nearly as much as I’d hoped (who ever does on national television, right?), but I enjoyed the experience. And maybe we’ve planted seeds for a future appearance where we can share more about what we’re all doing.

I’ve mentioned the goody bags that we gave everyone (the hosts, producers, etc.). I planned on showing photos of the projects today after things calmed down a bit, but I completely forgot to bring the cord that allows me to download photos from my camera to computer, so now you’ll have to wait a couple of more days. Suffice it to say—they turned out great! I was pleased. . .

The producer mentioned that we were the only ones who’d brought goody bags this year. I’m not sure whether he meant the ENTIRE year (which I can’t  hardly believe) or whether he meant those who appeared this year in association with the holiday drive. We didn’t get to give the goody bags to the hosts in person, but they were delivered before our segment, because both Kathy Lee and Hoda thanked us for them. We included cards, stamps, a pad, and some Utah products—you can see it all on Sunday night!

Now I’m off to relax a little, since I must admit I didn’t sleep very well last night! It’s nice to have it over with now and be able to enjoy a short but sweet New York City holiday moment.