Valentine's Surprise Box

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog, and I apologize. But I knew when I started this that, while I wanted to post at least two or three times a week, there would be occasions when I wouldn’t be able to do it that often. This has been one of those weeks, nothing particularly exciting, just a lot of meetings and a lot to do. I’ve got several blog topics floating around in my head, and I’ll get them posted soon. . .

In the meantime, I did finish my Valentine’s projects for the grandchildren. Actually, this is a dual gift, for both the grandchildren and their mothers. Our daughters all have a small off-white feather tree, which they decorate on different holidays with seasonal decorations. Last year I made several heart ornaments for the tree; I showed the hearts at a regional last year, as well as on a local television show here in Utah.

So I created this year’s project as an ornament as well, so that the grandchildren could enjoy the candy treat inside (and the personal greetings from Sterling and I), while the moms could have more ornaments for their Valentine trees. The two projects color coordinate together and (I think) look great!

The project is based on one of the SoShelli.Com creative challenge winners from last month—Jennifer Picard’s 12x12 scrapbook page/box. It’s really quite simple and straightforward. All I knew about the project was that it was a 12x12 page, and I figured out how it worked. I figure if I can do it, then you certainly can!

I adapted these to 6x6 pages so they’d fit on the tree, and then made one spotlighting each of the grandchildren. Inside are personal expressions of love from Sterling and I, which I hope the grandchildren will be able to treasure every year when they pull these ornaments out.

I couldn’t get the lighting exactly right—it seems I could either get a good shot of the detail of the project or a good shot of the photo in the center, and I couldn’t decide which one to post, so I’ve posted both!

 I’ve also shown a photo of the back, so you can see how I decorated that, as well as how I’ve attached the ribbon and Pretties bead, which closes the box and keeps the lid on so it can hang on the tree. I added Chunky Glitter to the outside, and the photo doesn't really do that justice, but I really liked the shimmer and texture it added.

I fell in love with these darling boxes, and I hope you like them as well. Thanks, Jennifer, for the inspiration!