Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine¹s Day!


I know it's a little early, but it's on my mind because yesterday was my annual "Hugs and Kisses" day. It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember to walk around and hand out HR-approved hugs and kisses (Hershey's candy) to our Stampin' Up! employees sometime during Valentine's week, and yesterday was that day in Riverton.


I love the chance to see the people I work with and thank them for all they do. It's humbling to interact with these wonderful people; I feel so blessed! I walked through the distribution center and then though all four floors of our administration center, and loved every minute of it--except for my shoes. While I chose the perfect clothes for the day (a shocking pink jacket), I certainly could have been smarter about the choice of shoes. I forgot I would be walking around for several hours, and my adorable, high-heel, black-patent leather boots were killing me by the end of the day.


I only wish I could have made the same walk (in flats) through Kanab and our other offices. But I can't be in more than one place at a time, so I'll be passing out hugs and kisses in Kanab in a week or two, and in our other markets as I get an opportunity to visit each of them in the coming weeks and months. I know I could send cards and candy in the mail, but there's something about giving the treats and thanks in person that is very important to me, so I'm OK if the Valentine wishes are a little late. . .


I wish you all a happy Valentine's day too, of course!