Shalae's Surprise Valentine

Note from Shelli—Shalae received a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift from her husband Jon, a gift that took quite a bit of creativity. I invited him to guest blog today and share the gift with you.

Jon Brown—Originally Shalae and I had agreed not to give each other Valentine’s gifts this year. Earlier this month, we went to Savannah, Georgia, to interview at a potential graduate school, and we decided to make that our Valentine getaway. But then I heard that Rascal Flatts was coming to town, and I changed my mind. We both love Rascal Flatts and have talked about going to a concert for years, but we’ve never made it. So I decided to surprise Shalae.

When I come up with ideas, I often think about them for a long time. Projects kind of snowball in my head, as I add new little ideas and things. That’s kind of the way this happened. I’d been thinking about it for a couple of weeks, and one thing kind of led to another until I had a whole scavenger hunt, complete with poem for directions, and three gifts along the way.

The Rascal Flat tickets was the first gift, and then I added a bracelet and chocolate-covered strawberries. Once I’d figured out the gifts, I needed the packaging—it’s all about presentation, you know! At work (I’m doing an internship at Stampin’ Up!), we’d photographed a box that worked great for the strawberries. It was about 4x4 and had four dividers inside, perfect for four strawberries (which I dipped myself!). The original box didn’t have a lid, but it wasn’t hard to add that. I die cut a few flowers and added a half-pearl thing (I think you call it a Pretty), and tied a ribbon around it.

The package for the bracelet was based on the same box, just a little smaller without the dividers. I tied the ribbon around the base of that box, instead of the top, for a little variety.

For the tickets, I just wanted a sleeve to slide the tickets into. I bought the tickets and printed them from the computer, then scanned them so I could play around with the colors. I’ve been around Shelli and Shalae enough to know that color coordination matters! (Plus I’m a photography major, so I care what things look like too!)

The color palette I used was Pretty in Pink, Chocolate Chip, and Certainly Celery. And no, I don’t have all the Stampin’ Up! colors memorized. J I just happen to know those right now because I used them for these projects. I can’t spout off all the names!

Shalae spent all day last Friday at her mom’s, helping out with a few things, so I knew I’d have the whole day to work on this. I was a little stressed about getting it all done; I had to make the boxes and write the poem in between feeding the kids, putting them down for naps, doing a few dishes, and playing with them, but luckily Shalae was gone all day. I asked Shelli to text me and let me know when Shalae headed home, so I’d have time to hide things. But it ended up that I had plenty of time to get everything finished, and it was a nice Valentine’s surprise.