Ending a Week in Paradise


Well, another incentive trip has come and gone, and this one was fabulous! Everyone I saw said they were having a wonderful time. (Of course, who is going to tell me they didn’t have a great time, right? Smile.) But seriously, I do think it was a great trip.

This is the first land-based incentive trip ever—typically, we do cruises. It was a little shorter in terms of time, but it actually cost a little more. We wanted to do something special for our 20th anniversary, and this certainly fit the bill. The resort is incredible, and there are so many things to do on the island!

We planned several excursions for the demonstrators, as well as free shuttles to the beach and shopping on a couple of days. In addition, a lot of demonstrators created their own excursions, going whale watching and snorkeling and zip lining. We wrapped up everything last night with the traditional Hawaiian luau, which was the best one I’ve ever been to.

Because it was land-based, people were all over the place, and we didn’t see everyone as much as we would on a cruise, and I missed that. But knowing that everyone was having a great time more than made up for my selfish disappointment in not getting the face-to-face time I enjoy so much.

I did love every minute I spent with our wonderful demonstrators and their loved ones! What a pleasure and joy to be able to recognize and thank some of our highest-achieving demonstrators. I am reminded again (as I so often am) of what great people we work with!

Although there are a few stragglers who, like us, have chosen to stay a day or two longer, most of the demonstrators were gone this morning, and you could tell! As we walked along the halls and outside, we nodded at people and said “Hi,” and most of them didn’t respond. Sterling said out loud what I was thinking—“I sure miss our friendly Stampin’ Up! family!”