Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

This is one of those blogs that Sean and Sara (and Shanna) won’t want to read! They hate to read posts about when we do things as a family; they understandably feel a little left out. It was hard for them to hear about last week’s Fire & Ice because that’s a great family tradition. But Sean graduates in June, and maybe they’ll end up back here (I’m crossing my fingers!). And Shanna is home in October—I can’t wait! I refuse to think about the possibility that Shalae and Jon might be off attending grad school somewhere out of state by then. If I don’t think about it, it won’t happen, right?

Anyway, on to the point—wishing Sterling a happy birthday. I won’t mention how old Sterling is, but I will say that he’s only gotten more handsome through the years!

We celebrated by going out to dinner with Sage and Jason and Shalae and Jon and Mom Pat. You’d think we would have gone to Sterling’s favorite restaurant; it is his birthday after all! But no, the boys hinted that Market Street Grill sounded delicious, so that’s where we went. Sterling isn’t a great seafood fan, but he likes to make his family happy—one of the many, many reasons I love and appreciate him. He didn’t go hungry though; he likes their crab and that’s what he ordered. The rest of us enjoyed a variety of fresh seafood, and the food and company was delightful!

I gave Sterling his deck of cards gift. If you remember last week I mentioned that I had a whole week to come up with the special treats I would put on each card. It’s been on my to-do list every day since, but in true Shelli fashion, I put it off until this afternoon. But I had fun thinking of little—and big—things I could do for him, and he’ll have lots of fun in the coming weeks redeeming his cards.

It was a perfect night celebrating a wonderful man. I try not to get sentimental too often, but I can’t imagine my life without him and am so grateful for him! Love you, Sweetheart!